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Replay336 7 tundi tagasi
It doesnt take an 18 min video to see why this is the case lol. try harder next time Chevy
Antonio Holguin
Antonio Holguin 7 tundi tagasi
The crybaby doll is actually about the owners kids crying that their parent are spending all their inheritance money on the car, and leaving nothing for them when they die. It's huge in the hot rod community. Also, very very creepy.
The Blooper
The Blooper 7 tundi tagasi
"in a road car we don't want all that racecar noise and vibration" Yes I do.
Luis Ibarra
Luis Ibarra 7 tundi tagasi
Really upset they didn’t actually USE the paint to visually compare if there’s a difference!
Def Def
Def Def 7 tundi tagasi
They need to do this for the dodge Daytona and Plymouth superbird that people can buy
watajob 7 tundi tagasi
Carleton Towers Blended Whiskey
DxrkDxeams 7 tundi tagasi
ngl that freightliner shouldve won
Spoderman 7 tundi tagasi
I agree I rather drive a lowrider or muscle car instead of a rice box with a fart can 😂
Majid Baghdadi
Majid Baghdadi 7 tundi tagasi
VW owned by porsche group 😄
Gabriel Karas
Gabriel Karas 7 tundi tagasi
I would love to see this come out as a kit car
Fariz Fauzi
Fariz Fauzi 7 tundi tagasi
So, it's been ages since I tuned in this yt, can I ask something? Where is our fat boi... I need that boi 😂
Jon Hoover
Jon Hoover 7 tundi tagasi
day 70 without Up to Speed
Hunter Nelson
Hunter Nelson 7 tundi tagasi
My 2 cylinder 0.65 liter snowmobile has 28 more horsepower than this thing.
FortressMaximusStockPile 7 tundi tagasi
Peter Cullen is Canadian. Think about that, Optimus Prime is Canadian.
Ali Ali
Ali Ali 7 tundi tagasi
The most ads I've seen in one video ever, come on
Hafiz Hazami
Hafiz Hazami 7 tundi tagasi
Aldo Rey
Aldo Rey 7 tundi tagasi
Rx7 Vs Supra!
Hunter Nelson
Hunter Nelson 7 tundi tagasi
They must have some really flat roads in japan
John Wick
John Wick 7 tundi tagasi
who won the corvette??
Yash Mathur
Yash Mathur 7 tundi tagasi
love the new Ranger <3
Coldlight Oracle
Coldlight Oracle 7 tundi tagasi
Phil Gudet
Phil Gudet 7 tundi tagasi
8:33 no it has 4 camshafts
Julio Ryuuzaki
Julio Ryuuzaki 7 tundi tagasi
But still uses gasoline. #fail
Phil Gudet
Phil Gudet 7 tundi tagasi
So basically, Ferrari pulled a McLaren, same engine block across many models
Brendan Bastian
Brendan Bastian 7 tundi tagasi
i buy cars off of salvagebid.com and flip them and sell them and the website shows you the damage in detail amd you can choose what car you want to rebuild
jatinder saini
jatinder saini 7 tundi tagasi
Sticks are all going to India
English 101
English 101 7 tundi tagasi
Toyota should make an updated JZ and put it in their nascar.
זה סודי
זה סודי 7 tundi tagasi
I want that supercharged mr2
Mohaned Krema
Mohaned Krema 7 tundi tagasi
Philistine ??, for real?? Unsubscribe, you are a freaking Racist!!
haris b
haris b 8 tundi tagasi
@1:07 thps3 sound FX
The Emperor
The Emperor 8 tundi tagasi
Tire letters are cool
scooter Dave
scooter Dave 8 tundi tagasi
The best were the ISX Signature 600 interbrakes !! 600hp braking . I just wished the servos didn't go out every year.
carl bertani
carl bertani 8 tundi tagasi
Where is the Nissan juke R?
Sparky Santos
Sparky Santos 8 tundi tagasi
I owned a stripped 1978 Volvo 242 GT in camo Chocolate. My bestie added fog lamps to it. I put a Toyota stereo in it propped by computer punch cards. I’d wanted a BMW 2002 but discovered the back windows were sealed … looked at a VW Fox and with a family friend got my Volvo for 2% over cost brand new. It rocked.
Chris Pritchard
Chris Pritchard 8 tundi tagasi
I think those headlights are actually the same size as my project truck
bigblock 4401
bigblock 4401 8 tundi tagasi
Did no one notice he called the Ranchero a Durango?
IGNITED RETROFITS 8 tundi tagasi
Need to build some headlights for it, retrofit in a projector see even further.
JikaInFamous 8 tundi tagasi
jaguar f types n frs have the same fuel injection setup
Remy Bronzy_McGrady
Remy Bronzy_McGrady 8 tundi tagasi
60s mustang 70s no one 80s tie 90s mustang 2000s tie Overall...Mustang!!!
J K 8 tundi tagasi
Theres Zacks Specialized Epic road bike from the mid 90's. As old as the miata ;)
lo l
lo l 8 tundi tagasi
it’s probably gonna be a bottle of maple syrup which wheels
Nick Lopez
Nick Lopez 8 tundi tagasi
Hi low Twin turbo hearse or single turbo hearse??
cavin william samuel
cavin william samuel 8 tundi tagasi
8:00 blur players be like:i have that car
Cricioz 8 tundi tagasi
I got a Chevy s10 and it's hella modded for offroading(not obnoxious) but I need some parts, anyone got some websites??
Nick Lopez
Nick Lopez 8 tundi tagasi
S14 drift hearse
Blue Azola
Blue Azola 8 tundi tagasi
13:00 .....this is why u clicked ....its what the title is 13:40 .....end of content ....just 40 seconds 😒 .....the rest is PURE BULLSHIT & constant BLABBERING of the uploader 😴😴😴
RAndom-vida 8 tundi tagasi
I graduated from Lincoln tech in Grand Prairie TX back in 2016 mastered electrical class but never worked at a dealership. So I never worked in the industry but it just seems like cars that are like 2020 are so much more complicated. But then again it's just fear or mine and I also remember Scotty!! Rev up your engines!! Very inspiring person even though sometimes his hands are all over the place lol You can always teach an old dog new tricks
Grady J
Grady J 8 tundi tagasi
I hate when people update their old halogen bulb lights to led bright white and don't adjust the beam... Sure it's great for them but kills everyone else.
10-20 8 tundi tagasi
RX-8 Up to Speed. Just because you shit on it in this one.
bro productions
bro productions 8 tundi tagasi
You guys should wide body the Miata
Mountain Valley Designs
Mountain Valley Designs 8 tundi tagasi
So no one notices the cars decals are all backward? Lol so they never reflected the decals when printing the wrap 🤦🏽‍♂️ just had to complain, 😂 rotary person in the house tho, 7 sec Toyota Corolla with a 13B 💪🏽
dwamnm03 8 tundi tagasi
Wow. Yall just created a new legal argument. I can see this video being used in court cases already lol
Kitanya Coxx
Kitanya Coxx 8 tundi tagasi
In Jamaica, we use Escalades, yukons and other Chevy SUVs for hearses
keay rhyasen
keay rhyasen 8 tundi tagasi
i should probably get my '79 1/2 four eyes fox body LX with it's naturally aspirated 4bbl crate SVO 5.0 with the GT40 Aluminum Heads, Cobra Rockers, 8.8 rear axle, 5 lug 17x9s, four wheel racing disc brakes hoopdy out of mothballs.
Robert McGraw
Robert McGraw 8 tundi tagasi
give the car a wink button
Carlos Felipe Kramm
Carlos Felipe Kramm 8 tundi tagasi
I wish a demon viper!
matthew wareham
matthew wareham 8 tundi tagasi
bring me my 4mill sticker and ill let you play with my 450whp subie
banned Gotit
banned Gotit 8 tundi tagasi
where is this location where you drive it?
TheEzwider88 8 tundi tagasi
I’m sure this list is biased. Skipped right over the gt350 at $112 it would’ve beat most of the foreign cars on the list and it beats the c8 😂
Neon Teepee
Neon Teepee 8 tundi tagasi
Hmm what about energy density, not advocating for either side. However I am pretty sure PETROL (gas is a state of matter where it is neither solid or liquid ;-) ) has a much higher energy density than LiOn batteries. Not that makes it better or worse but you need to take into consideration the losses. i.e. if PETROL is (i have no idea what the actual numbers are) 60% efficient and Batteries are only say 40% efficient it throws your numbers off.
Danny Anderson
Danny Anderson 8 tundi tagasi
You need to machine your heads and they tend warp no matter what factor that cost
I’m your daddy
I’m your daddy 8 tundi tagasi
All the people in the comments crying about not being able to own an r32 it’s fucking easy get a job save your money and buy it you fucking dumbasses doesn’t matter if you have to pay out the ass if you truly want it you’d pay out the ass for it or even suck dick who knows it’s not hard to get your hands on just annoying
Mark Robles
Mark Robles 8 tundi tagasi
its like Smarter Everyday in a car show and im loving it
Macksdamage 8 tundi tagasi
Canada sucks. Underachieving snobs.
Maple Nation
Maple Nation 8 tundi tagasi
There is a Superbird in mint condition at Car Meets in STL area! He's got roadrunner on it!
LessCommonKnowledge 8 tundi tagasi
I kinda wish I still had my old '95 Exploxer. My mom named her Dora the Exploder, cause it was a faded red, and you know, 90's explorers. But god i would overhaul or just replace that weak ass 4L V6.
I’m your daddy
I’m your daddy 8 tundi tagasi
When I heard crash tests well I’m sure you understand where I’m going with this :sad boi noises
Armeet Dhaliwal
Armeet Dhaliwal 8 tundi tagasi
Toyota GT86?
RR 10
RR 10 8 tundi tagasi
You could have just gotten LED bulbs, to be honest
Jeepgang 4x4 for life
Jeepgang 4x4 for life 8 tundi tagasi
Can you guys get James to do an up to speed on Buick Skylarks please he would make it perfect I love your videos guys and I’m a classic car guy myself and wanna see my car up there not mine exactly but I just can’t find any good videos on the car and I know you guys would make it perfect
Thor Cain
Thor Cain 8 tundi tagasi
PIAA xtream white or LEDs.. those hella are okay.
Nick Coupe
Nick Coupe 8 tundi tagasi
The LS7 has 470 ft/lbs of torque, not 407. 😃
Talyx Deutsch
Talyx Deutsch 8 tundi tagasi
My tooth fell out when watching this
Ian Marshall
Ian Marshall 8 tundi tagasi
That’s a really bad place to mount it. So susceptible to impact even as silly as pulling up to a curb too closely. However remote that may be, it should still be up higher or in front of the rad....
Jeepgang 4x4 for life
Jeepgang 4x4 for life 8 tundi tagasi
Buick skylark up to speed pleaseeeee
Nate Thompson
Nate Thompson 9 tundi tagasi
Drift hearse
Jeepgang 4x4 for life
Jeepgang 4x4 for life 9 tundi tagasi
Bruce Beauvais
Bruce Beauvais 9 tundi tagasi
I think the real reason for the demise of movable headlights was not pedestrian safety. Europe introduced rules for that but not the US. A better reason was that a DOT rule change which allowed aerodynamic headlamp lenses beginning in 1986 ( I think). Retractable headlamps were used to improve front air flow. Once aero lenses were allowed, it was cheaper ( and more reliable) to design the aero into lamps than to add the weight, expense and complication to move them up and down. The most likely reason for the existence of GTU ( and the Sport before it) was racing. Showroom stock racing was a much bigger thing starting in the 70's. Both IMSA and SCCA (racing and Pro Rally ) had classes for cars with very limited modifications- basically safety additions. The Sport and GTU had Turbo II chassis, brakes and aero without the added weight of power windows and sunroofs. The most capable chassis wrapped in the lightest shell. Finally, as others have pointed out, all rotary engines- at least back to the RX-2 have had overrev buzzers. As one can't float the valves, it's easy to buzz the engine too high.
Everything Variety
Everything Variety 9 tundi tagasi
What of you want a non-American car that can not be folded than 1996 and can be bought for under 2k?
Campbell Drew
Campbell Drew 9 tundi tagasi
who tf has to solve math problems while driving